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DC converter PCB,2-layer PCB,Double-sided PCBS, Mass customization, PCB with UL

Model NO.:circuit boards used in Consumer product

Solder Mask:LPN,Green,Red,Blue,Yellow,Black, Purple, Orange

Silkscreen:White,Black,Yellow,Carbon Ink,Peelable Mask.

Copper Thickness:18um(0.5oz)--175um(4 Oz)

Board Thickness:From Min. 0.2mm to Max. 6.0mm

Conductor Trace and Gap:Min. 0.125.(5mil)

Drill Hole:Min.0.2mm(8mil)

Pth Wall Thickness:0.025mm(1mil)

Transport Package:Vacuum Package

Specificatio:RoHS/REACH compliance

Trademark:FTC PCB

Origin:Shenzhen China

HS Code:853400900

Production Capacity: 500,000 PCS/monthly

We ensure:

1.We use good brand base material and solder mask

In  order  to  increase  the  reliability  and  performance,  we  never  use  local  and

unknown brand supplier.

2.Enough copper thickness inside hole

Since some of our customer has complained the problem of les copper, we have improved and pay more attention the copper thickness inside hole.

It's important because we know if not have enough copper inside hole it will increase the risk of electrical continuity problems (blow hoes, out gassing, inner layer separation, barrel cracking)  

We platted to 20-25 um on normal board.

No short or open circuit repair

Poor repair can actually lead to open circuits being supplied. Even a "good" repair has risk of failure under oad conditions (vibration etc.) leading to potential field failures.

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