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PCBA of Heat Pump Air Conditioner Compressor Driver Inverter and PCBA fluxgate driver for flc100 sensor magnetometer


Material: FR4,CEM1,CEM3,High TG, Rogers,Taconic,FR1,FR2,94v0,Aluminum

Order Quantity:1pcs

Board Shape: Rectangular,round slots,cutouts,complex,irregular

Board type: Rigid,flexible,rigid-flex

Board cutting:Shear,V-cut,tab-routed,counter sunk   

Board thickness:0.2-8.0mm, Flex 0.01-0.25''

Copper Thickness: 0.5oz-12oz

Solder mask:Green,White,yellow,black,blue,etc

Silk screen:White,yellow,black

Min line width/space:0.06/0.06mm

Max board size:25.6inch*43.3inch or 650*1000mm

Min drill hole diameter:0.1mm

Min Laser drill hole diameter:0.075mm

Surface finish:HASL,Immersion Gold,Immersion Tin,Immersion Silver,OSP.  

Board thickness tolerance:±10%

Minimal slot width:0.12",3.0mm,or 120mils

V-score depth:20-25% of board thickness

PTH wall thickness:>0.025mm

PTH hole dia tolerance:±0.076mm

Non PTH hole dia tolerance:±0.05mm

Hole position Deviation:±0.076mm

Sink holes:YES


Design file:Gerber RS-274X,274D,Eagle,auto cad's DXF,DWG,Ki-CAD,Pro-E 


Assembly Option: Surface mount(SMT)&Thru-Hole(THT),Box building,Potting and Coating,In house programming,Packaging

Component Size:

Passive Component: we can accept components as small as 01005,0201

BGA:We have ability to handle BGA of 0.25mm pitch with X-ray testing.

Fine Pitch parts: we can assemble 0.25mm fine pitch parts,POP,QFP,CCGA,CSP,etc

Max components Height:25mm(SMT),Top 120mm/Bot 15mm(wave solder)

Board Dimension: Min Board Size: No Limited/Max Board Size: 680*500mm

 Board type: Rigid PCB, Flexible PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, Copper PCB,HDI

Testing:ICT,AOI,X-RAY,Functional Test(FCT),Aging Test

Quality Standard:IPC-A-610E

1. How to ensure quality control during PCB assembly?
Ensuring quality control during PCB assembly involves rigorous inspection at every stage of the process, including component placement, soldering, and testing. Employing skilled technicians, automated inspection equipment, and adherence to industry standards is crucial. Additionally, implementing a robust quality management system, including process validation and traceability, helps identify and rectify any defects, ultimately guaranteeing the reliability and performance of the assembled PCB.

2. How to choose the best PCB assembly manufacturer?
Choosing the best PCB assembly manufacturer requires a thorough evaluation of factors such as technical capabilities, quality control standards, industry experience, and customer support. Prioritize manufacturers with state-of-the-art facilities, certifications like ISO 9001, and a strong track record of delivering high-quality products. Additionally, assess their flexibility in handling various production volumes, responsiveness to design changes, and the ability to meet deadlines. By considering these criteria, you can select a PCB assembly manufacturer that aligns with your project requirements and quality expectations.

3.Common problems and solutions that may be encountered during PCB assembly?
Common problems encountered during PCB assembly include soldering defects, component misalignment, and issues with component polarity. Soldering defects, like cold joints or solder bridges, can be resolved through precise soldering techniques and optimal temperature settings. Component misalignment can be addressed through automated pick-and-place machines and careful manual inspection. Problems with component polarity may be resolved by implementing clear component markings and double-checking component orientation during assembly. Rigorous quality control measures and skilled technicians are essential to identify and rectify these issues, ensuring a reliable final product.

4. How to reduce the cost of PCB assembly services?
Reducing the cost of PCB assembly services can be achieved through several strategies, including optimizing component selection to minimize expensive parts, utilizing surface mount technology (SMT) for cost-effective assembly, streamlining the design to reduce complexity, and choosing a manufacturer with efficient production processes and competitive pricing. Additionally, bulk ordering and maintaining long-term relationships with reliable assembly partners can lead to cost savings. Rigorous quality control and thorough testing should not be compromised in this cost-cutting process to ensure the final product's reliability and performance.

5. How to ensure on-time delivery of PCB assembly services?
Ensuring on-time delivery of PCB assembly services requires effective project management, clear communication, and proactive risk assessment. It involves setting realistic production timelines, closely monitoring the manufacturing process, and addressing any delays promptly. Collaborative communication between all parties involved, including designers, assemblers, and suppliers, is crucial to stay informed about project progress and resolve potential issues in a timely manner. Additionally, having contingency plans for unexpected challenges and working with experienced, reliable assembly partners can help meet delivery deadlines consistently.

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