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Rogers RO4350B Radio Frequency PCB(RFPCB)

Model: Rogers RO4350B Radio Frequency PCB
DK: 3.48+/-0.05.
Layer: 4 Layer
DielectricsThickness : 0.254mm(20mil)
Finished Thickness : 0.8mm
Material Copper Thickness : 4/2(17μm)
Finished Copper Thickness : 10Z(35um)
SurfaceTreatment : Immersion Gold
Application : Instrument PCB, Radio Frequency PCB .Radar Gauges PCB

Company introduction

FasTechCircuit specialized with the RF PCB manufacturer for more than 17 years in China. We know how much the proper RF material would affect to the performance of the PCB

board. The parameters such as RF microwave energy levels,operating frequency, operating temperature range,current and voltage are of great importance when choosing the suitable material for the

high frequency PCB fabricating. Getting familiar with those RF PCB material is one of our job,Check below material listing for refer. We have enough of them in stock to ensure the fast delivery.

RF/Microwave PCB material:

Rogers RO4350B / RO3003 / RO4003 / RO3006 / RT/Duroid 5880/ RT5870 and etc.

Arlon/ Isola / Taconic / PTFE F4BM 1 Teflon material also shouldn't be forgotten.

Hybrid PCB material (Mixed dielectric / Laminate)

Rogers RO4350B + FR4/ RO4350B + 1IT180/ RO4003C + FR4/ RO3010 + FR4/ RO3003 + FR4/ RO3010 + FR4 etc.

Radio Frequency (RF) microwave PCB application

RF Microwaves PCBs (printed circuit board) are used in various of fields, Such as Consumer Electronics / Military/Space / High power / Medical/ Automotive / Industrial ect.

Surface finishing: OSP / ENIG / HASL LF/ Plated gold / flash gold / Immersion Tin 1 Immersion silver / Electrolytic gold

Capacity: Golden finger 1 Heavy copper I Blind buried via 1 impendance control/ flled with resion/ carbon ink 1 backdrill/ countersink / depth dilling 1 half plated hole / pressft hole 1 peelable blue

mask / peelable solderstop / thick copper/ oversize

Application: Consumer Electronics /Space / Antenna & Communications System / High Power / Medical 1 Automotive / Industrial / Handheld device cellular / Wifi Antenna / Telematics and infotainment

/Wif/Computing/Radar/Power Amplifers

Material: Rogers RO4350B 1 RO3003/ RO4003 / RO3006 / RT/Duroid 5880/ RT5870 and Arlon/ Isola 1 Taconic / PTFE F4BM/ Teflon material etc.

Layer:2L 4L 6L8L 10L 12L 14L 16L 18L 20L 22L 24L 26L 28L 30L

Dielectric Constant (DK): 2.20/ 2.55/3.00/3.38/3.48/3.50/3.6/6.15/10.2

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